The day we went to Aber

Cliff railway
PNTA members ride the cliff railway at Aberystwyth

THE DAY TRIP TO ABERYSTWYTH  (Think musically – The Day We Went to Bangor)

Didn’t we have a lovely time,
The day we went to Aber?
An overcast day, we saw birds on the way
(And coffee was more than a pound, you know).
To see in the nest, the telly was best
And the boardwalk was good to stroll on.
Monty and Glesni sat up on their perch
As the trains went by.

Do you recall the thrill of it all
As we walked along the seafront?
We climbed on a train,(and sat down again)
Or strode on up with a tum ta ra ra.
At the top in a bunch we had a good lunch
And did quite a lot of chatting.
Then off to explore the camera obscure
As the gulls wheeled round.

Wasn’t it nice to stroll on the prom
The day we went to Aber?
Ice creams and tea and views of the sea
(And all for more than a pound you know)
And on the way back we each took a nap
And none of us drank any cider
Speeding round bends and dropping off friends
As the wheels went round

By Annie Weaver

The Osprey nest
Viewing the nest at the Dyfi Osprey Project