“Across the Himalaya, from India to China.” by Gary Jones

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On Tuesday 8th December, at the Picton Centre, Gary Jones, of Wolfscastle, told us about his three month journey from India, through Nepal and Tibet, to China.

With the aid of fine photographs, taken on his trusty waterproof compact camera, he highlighted the contrasting people, lands and architecture along the way.

Having retired early from the civil service, Gary has been able to devote more time to his long term interests of mountaineering and trekking, sometimes acting as a guide.

Over a cup of tea, after the presentation, he showed association members some of the souvenirs of his travels, and told the stories behind them.

Report and photo above by Andrew Weaver

Gary Jones photos including Golden Temple
From Gary Jones’ photos of his trek. He features in the central photo and the building on the right is the Golden Temple of Amritsar