“Effective Communications” by David Padfield. Thursday January 3rd 2019

On January 3rd we listened to Dave Padfield regale us with anecdotes of often amusing misinterpretations or misunderstandings he had come across over the course of his career as a teacher of French. He stressed how much speaking and listening are interlinked, but how over the course of his life and having a profoundly deaf son in law, he had come to realise how speaking does not have to be auditory. His granddaughters have grown up adept at sign language, being able to sign effectively as babies before they had developed effective speech.He has worked too teaching English as a foreign language to many overseas students in schools and colleges. This led to some tales of problems with syntax between two languages, sometimes leading to hilarious mistranslationHe enjoyed his teaching over the years and admitted that he preferred to take less able students as he was often able to spot nuggets of potential deeply buried in households that cared little for learning Now he spends his time teaching Pembrokeshire primary children to ride bicycles safely and doing voluntary work. Cycling is still very much part of his life, recently cycling solo around Ireland and still picking up the odd amusing snippet- once asking a shop keeper for soap and being offered oxtail or tomato.