“The Art of Collecting Antiques” by Dai Evans. Thursday March 7th 2019

Dai has worked in a number of NT Houses in his working career and has latterly been at Picton Castle. He has an interest in the world of Antiques, having dabbled in it himself, and he started by explaining the legal rules of the trade.

Antiques shops follow the same legislation as other retailers. You can go into a shop and buy something. If you subsequently decide that you were misled about the object, or the information you received, you can go back to the shop and ask for your money back. However if you buy from auctioneers, their terms of sale state that any they are not liable for any wrong information and once the hammer goes down, it belongs to you and not them. In addition they demand a commission for having sold it. He also warned that sale prices are very subject fashion and if you later decide you want to sell it the value is as likely to have gone down as up. Age is only one of the factors which decide value. However he then took us briefly through a range of products which are dealt with in the antiques business; furniture, earthenware, porcelain, glassware, carpets and silverware. Interestingly only silverware, with its hallmarks, provides an accurate measure of age, where it was made and by whom.

His final advice was, if you see something you like and you can afford it, then buy it. Remember also that you bought it because you liked it, and do not be put off because of what others think.