“Gupton Farm” with Haydn Garlic, Senior Warden on the Stockpile Estate- Tuesday May 21st 2019

Haydn explained that Gupton Farm, which abuts Freshwater West, came under the ownership of the NT as part of the Stackpole Estate which was transferred to them from the Cawdor Estate in 1976. The NT left the management of farms to their tenant farmers, but when Mr and Mrs Watkins retired in 2013, the Trust took Gupton ‘in hand’. It was important that Gupton should be self-funding, and the better land was rented out to some other local farmers. It was decided that the farmhouse, farm buildings and some adjacent fields would be used to support tourism with the farmhouse being used as a holiday let, and the buildings and fields used for caravan and tents.

On other fields, which were less fertile, the aim became to implement the diversification of flora and fauna with wild meadow planting and the development of wildlife corridors. This programme is starting to progress but will take time on the very sandy soil..

The lower part of the farm is dominated by the Castlemartin Corse, the stream which runs into the sea at Freshwater West. The Corse has developed an enormous reed bed used by lots of different birds. It is a hotspot for local birders who have seen flocks of a thousand skylarks in the winter and also flocks of several thousands of lapwings and golden plovers.

On our visit we were treated to the sight of a lone marsh harrier drifting over the reed beds which is a sight many of us will remember.