“Southwood Farm” with Andrew Williams, Area Ranger – Wednesday June 5th

Southwood Farm, near Roch and overlooking Newgale, was donated to the NT in 2003 and has become the Home Farm for all the North Pembs. Properties. The two previous walks we had there both started on the coast side of the farm but this time we began at the farmhouse. Andrew led us down the lane which runs through the middle of the farm and into an old wood. The wood had been properly surveyed but one old ash was the only tree to be registered. It had some enormous branches which seemed to be defying gravity.

Andrew then showed us the herd of 20 Welsh Black cattle which are based at Southwood. Their role is to be taken out in the summer to the different areas of wild coast owned by the Trust to munch the undergrowth to stop it becoming dominant. Ideally about 50 cattle are needed but Southwood can only provide winter quarters for 20 and are reliant on the tenant farmers making up the balance.

Southwood also has 34 Welsh Mountain ponies, also used for coastland grazing. Andrew showed us six plump ponies which were still at Southwood and enjoying grassy meadows. He said they would quickly lose their fat when they had to forage for food in the undergrowth.

Wild flower meadows are also being developed at Southwood and they hope to have established 71 hectares in the next three years. Work on covered wildlife corridors is also underway with hedgerows being widened and connecting corridors created.

Andrew finished by showing us around the Courtyard buildings which were advanced for their time but have no obvious current use without a large amount of money being spent.


IMG_0230 Welsh Blacks at Southwood  photo by Ann Weaver 900.jpg
Welsh Blacks  at Southwood – photo by Ann Weaver
IMG_6620 meeting the ponies close up at Sothwood 800.jpg
Meeting the ponies close up at Southwood.