Data Protection



Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The purpose of holding contact details for our members is to be able to communicate with them about the association’s activities and relevant information about the National Trust, with their informed consent.

Where provided, this information will include name, address, phone number and e mail address.

A record will be kept as to when and how this consent was given.

The master copy of the data base will be kept by the membership secretary.

This information will be shared with limited other members of the committee who have need for contact details for communications as listed above.

Data will be deleted within six months of non renewal membership.

Members will have the right to review what information is held by the Association about them.

Members or past members will have the right to withdraw consent, for some or all of their contact details being held, and can request that such information is erased from the association’s database.

The information held will not be passed to third parties, except in the case of “Mail Chimp” for e mailed updates and reminders about forthcoming events. In this case names and e mail addresses will be passed to Mail Chimp, where the information will be held within the PNTA account. Mail Chimp’s Privacy Shield certification conforms to EU General Data Protection Regulation requirements, and they do not sell data to other third parties.

April 2018