Who we are

Andrew Weaver picture for TCC website
Andrew Weaver                 Chairman

Why we were founded 

The National Trust plays a significant role in maintaining the natural beauty of Pembrokeshire. It owns almost 9000 acres (3663 hectares) of land which includes over 60 miles of the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast. However it only has one building in the County open to visitors, the Tudor Merchant’s House in Tenby, which is small compared to the grand Houses in its ownership elsewhere. Local National Trust Management felt that  it lacked a focus for members living in the County. Its solution was to found the Pembrokeshire National Trust Association (PNTA) in 1998.

Our aims

The aims of the Association are to enable members to better understand the challenges and directions of the National Trust locally and to provide opportunities to meet other members through a programme of events which encourages social interaction.


The PNTA now has over 300 members from all areas of Pembrokeshire. Initially membership of the Association was only open to members of the National Trust but later also to volunteers assisting the Trust locally. In 2014  membership was opened to anyone who was interested in participating in our Events programme. We feel our annual membership fees are modest at £5 for an individual and £8 for a couple.


PNTA is run by its own elected Committee and is independent of the National Trust. However both organisations are fully supportive of each other.