Programme for 2018

Arnold Williams Programme secretary
Arnold Williams
Programme secretary

The Events  list below is a brief statement of our Programme. More detailed information is given in the Newsletter in the Sections ‘Report on Programme Events’

Members who have registered an email address with the Membership Secretary will receive a Mail Chimp reminder of events prior to the event.

Talks will take place on the first Thursday of the month until April 2018 at  2:30pm at the Crundale Community Centre, Cardigan Road, Crundale, SA62 4DF. 

More details of these events, up to March 2018, can be found in  Newsletter 42.

Thursday 4th January 2018 – 2:30pm at Crundale Community Centre. A talk by Martin Roberts entitled “The First Smalls Lighthouse”.

Thursday 1st February – 2:30pm at Crundale Community Centre Cardigan Road, Crundale, SA62 4DF. A talk by David Dando about “The Radical Corset Maker”.

Thursday 1st March – 2:30pm at Crundale Community Centre. A talk by Dai Evans on “The Art of Collecting Antiques.”

Thursday 5th April – 2:30pm at Crundale Community Centre. AGM and talk.

Tour to Lancaster and the Lake District May 13-17th (fully booked).


Tim Sims-Williams, day trip organiser
Tim Sims-Williams, day trip organiser